Tomáš Lom, né Löwenstein, was born in 1924 into a Jewish family of the ophthalmologist Arnold Löwenstein and his wife Elfrída Brillová. Prior to the German occupation, the family immigrated to England. Once there, Tomáš finished his studies and graduated from high school. In the fall of 1940, he enrolled to Faculty of Biology at University of Glasgow. In 1942, he joined the army and in 1944 underwent training for radio operators and gunmen. He then started military service with the 311th Czechoslovak Squadron of RAF, in the crew of cpt. Hořejší. Later on, he was transferred to 111th OTU Squadron stationed in Nassau, the Bahamas. After the war, he returned to Prague where he graduated from Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. He joined the Communist Party but after the 1968 Soviet invasion had not passed the vettings and was expelled. After concluding his studies, he worked in the labs of the Tesla-VUVET company. He was engaged in scientific research up until retirement. Tomáš Lom passed away on June, the 23rd, 2021.

From Memory of Nations