The city of Pilsen presents nine video films entitled In the Footsteps of Liberation with Lukáš Langmajer on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, from 8.30 pm on Náplavka (Riverside) na Radbuze. Although the audience of the online studio of the Liberation Festival Pilsen might have seen the six episodes this May, all nine episodes will be presented during the upcoming event as a premiere.

In the Footsteps of Liberation with Lukáš Langmajer offers the opportunity to get acquainted with point of interest that played a significant role during the World War II, to follow the daily life of the American troops showing their equipment and armaments.

The guide of the series is Lukáš Langmajer, actor, native of Plzeň, and also the grandson of an American soldier.

The series will be released on website

The city of Pilsen with the support of the Pilsen region is planning to continue working on this project and shooting other episodes.

Free entry.

Photo: Jiří Kunc