On Wednesday, June 24, the award ceremony of this year’s General George S. Patton Scholarship of Honor was held at Pilsen City Hall.

Martin Volf, a graduate of the Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering and the Secondary Vocational School of Professor Švejcar, a member of the Pilsen – Skvrňany Volunteer Fire Brigade, received the medal and a check for one thousand US dollars. As a volunteer firefighter, he participated in extinguishing fires, taking people out of smoky areas, and carrying propane butane cylinders from a burning building. At the same time, he is also involved in the education of children and youth.

In addition to the Lord Mayor of Pilsen, Martin Baxa and His Excellency Stephen B. King, Ambassador of the United States of America to the Czech Republic, Doug LaViolette founder of the Brian LaViolette Foundation and General George S. Patton’s grandson George Patton Waters attended the ceremony by live online broadcasting.

The Scholarship of Honor is awarded annually by the Brian LaViolette Foundation in many cities in the United States and abroad. The scholarship was established to honor and commemorate those who have served the country in the past, while appreciating the determination and dedication of those who desire to serve their society and follow in their footsteps.

The Scholarship of Honor Program through the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation recognizes a graduating high school senior with plans to enlist in the military or pursue a career in public safety or community service. These fields include law enforcement, fire safety, nursing, teaching, police science, ministry, social work, etc.

The Brian LaViolette Foundation, which awards the Honorary Scholarship, was founded by the LaViolette family in memory of their 15-year-old son and brother, Brian LaViolette, who died by accident while swimming in 1992. It was Brian’s strong determination to serve his community that inspired the Foundation to enable other young people to realize Brian’s dreams and plans. Since the founding of the Brian LaViolette Foundation, more than 950 scholarships have been awarded.

General Patton’s scholarship is a competition for Pilsen high school students. Every student who is determined to pursue some of the areas of security forces or public benefit activities after graduation can apply,. The student must write an essay in which he expresses and justifies his decision to engage in such activities. The winner is selected by an expert jury comprised of members of the Gen. Patton Scholarship Committee, who also handles all organizational matters related to the course and holding of the competition.

The prize for the winner is a check for one thousand US dollars and a medal, which is inspired by the Medal of Honor, the highest military honor awarded by the US government.

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