A list of veterans and interviews with American and Belgian veterans who in 1945 participated in the liberation of Pilsen and other sites in western Bohemia.

Discover the atmosphere of the period through authentic eyewitness accounts. In the veterans’ database you will find their recollections, photographs, as well as several veterans’ videos and voice recordings.

Name and surname Inclusion Story / Photos / Media
Alexander Deus 2nd Infantry Division
Anthony E. Jannace 2nd Infantry Division
Arthur Otto 17e bataillon de fusiliers belges
Bernard Koerten 16th Armored Division
Calvin Streza 16th Armored Division
Charles H. Noble, Srov. Commander, Combat Command 3, 16th Armored Division
Charles R. Lemmons 16th Armored Division
Cliffton Howard 97th Infantry Division M
Clyde Kessen 16th Armored Division M
David C. Lustig Radio Operator 547th Bomb Squadron PFM
Donald D. Jaquish 2nd Infantry Division PM
Earl Ingram L Company commander 3rd Battalion 38th Infantry Regiment 2nd Infantry Division PFM
Erik O. Petersen Driver B Battery 397th Armored Field Artillery Battalion 16th Armored Division PFM
Erland A. Tillman 97th Infantry Division
Franklin W. Simon 26th Infantry Division
Fremont Gruss 97th Infantry Division M
George Patton Waters Grandson of the general George Smith Patton PFM
George Thompson Sgt. Mechanic, Company C/137th Armored Ordnance Battalion/16th Armored Division PFM
Georges Rensonnet 17e bataillon de fusiliers belges
Gerard J. Couture 2nd Infantry Division PFM
Glynn G. Raby 2nd Infantry Division PFM
Hall Duncan 26th Infanry Division
Harold Yeglin 97th Infantry Division PM
Harry Mazer Waist gunner, 602nd squadron, 8th Air Force PFM
Henry Gilbert 97th Infantry Division M
Herman Geist 2nd Infantry Division
Hubert Rauw 17e bataillon de fusiliers belges
Irving Baum 16th Armored Division PM
James Duncan 2nd Infantry Division
James R. Mooneyhan 502nd Engineers
John M. Brannelly 16th Armored Division
John McCain 16th Armored Division
John P. Cannizzo 16th Armored Division
John Del Santo 9th Infantry Division, 101st Airborne Division, 97th Infantry Division
John R. Klug 166th Combat Engineer Battalion
John Leonard Pierce Brigadier General, commander of the 16th Armored Division PFM
John Risner 16th Armored Division
John Pershing Wakefield 2nd Infantry Division PFM
John Waldorf, Sr. 16th Armored Division
José Schindfessel 17e bataillon de fusiliers belges
Josef Prokopec Fighter pilot, No. 310 and 312 Squadron RAF PFM
Karl R. Lindquist G Company 2nd Battalion 104th Regiment 26th Infantry Division PFM
Leo D. Hymas 97th Infantry Division PFM
Lester Clear, Jr. 97th Infantry Division PM
Lincoln Harner 987th Field Artillery Battalion/16th Armored Division
Louis Gilhoul 17e bataillon de fusiliers belges
Marion Kirkham Brother of the fighter pilot 377th Fighter Squadron 9th Air Force PFM
Michel Gilain 17e bataillon de fusiliers belges
Milton Foss 16th Armored Division
Nick Czar 16th Armored Division
Paul Gaspard Jacobs 17e bataillon de fusiliers belges
Paul Vetterli 16th Armored Division
Raymond A. Noury Machine gunner, 343rd Squadron 15th Air Force PFM
Reverend Kenneth S. Jones Intelligence officer/16th Armored Division PFM
Richard J. Petranek 593rd Medical copany PFM
Richard Pieper 97th Infantry Division M
Robert Gilbert 2nd Infantry Division
Robert A. Norvell 1st pilot, 849th Squadron 8th Air Force PFM
Robert Crooker 97th Infantry Division M
Robert A. Muthersbaugh 16th Armored Division
Samuel Roy Hodges 2nd squad G Company 38th Regiment 2nd Infantry Division PFM
Stephen Mason C Company 56th Signal battalion V. Coprs PFM
Thomas Grissop 16th Armored Division M
Thomas J. Kittel 2nd Infantry Division
Tom Ingram 90th Infantry Division
Tomáš Lom No 311 (Czechoslovak) Squadron RAF
Valère Gustin 17e bataillon de fusiliers belges
Verl Sterns 16th Armored Division
Verne Lewellen 137th Armored Ordnance Battalion/16th Armored Division PFM
Vernon Schmidt 90th Infantry Division
Vic Campbell 16th Armored Division
Virgil L. Lucas V Corps PFM
Willard Perry 16th Armored Division
William O. Johnson 16th Armored Division PFM