Leroy served in the 23rd Cav Co B and was part of Mission Velichovky. in the photo of the 2 GIs, Joeb Siddons is on the left and Leroy is on the right.

from the 16th Armored Division Association newsletter 2018:
Leroy H. Dunkelberger, 23rd Cav., Co. B . Leroy was one of the soldiers who was on the Mission Velichovky. His jeep sustained a flat tire so they were left behind at the sight of the flat. The 5 man crew was captured by the Germans. After a few days , they were released and were able to get back to Plzen with the help of a young Czech man. photos of the group and their signatures.

from the 16th Armored Division Association newsletter 2020 – what he thought when the war was over

“I was glad to be free and know that I did not have to be looking over my shoulder in fear of being shot at or a bomb going off. I was relieved to know that I would soon be going home, but worried about the sea sickness and spending seven days in sick bay as I had on the trip coming over.”