The deadline to apply for the General George S. Patton Honorary Scholarship is February 28, 2024!!! (the deadline may be extended)

Starting this year, the General George S. Patton Honorary Scholarship will be awarded to one of the Pilsen region high school students who are studying in their penultimate or final year of graduation or in the final year of their vocational oriented school.

The student decides or has decided to serve in the army, in the field of security forces or public service (e.g. police, fire protection, rescue service, healthcare, teaching, social services, humanitarian work, church service and other public services, etc.).

The applicant’s school will select and complete an application on the scholarship websiteGeneral George S. Patton Honorary Scholarship Application

The applicant processes and sends the requsted attachments and the essay to the email until February 28. In addition to school results, values ​​such as selfless devotion to others, striving to make the world a better place to live in, self-sacrifice, willingness to devote oneself fully to a good cause and honor are important prerequisites for awarding the scholarship.

In the essay (no longer than 750 words), the applicant will describe the following topics:

Which of the above-mentioned values ​​describe you and why?
Why is the service to the society important to you?
Have you engaged in any activity, experience or experienced a certain event that relates to these values?
What are your wishes and plans for the future in relation to the values ​​mentioned above?

The scholarship award ceremony takes place as part of the Lberation Festival Pilsen, between May 2-6.

For information, visit the scholarship website, General George S. Patton Honorary Scholarship