Twenty American airmen died on April 25, 1945 during the bombing of Škoda Pilsen plant, which was the last major German armory in the final phase of the war. Almost 300 bombers took part in the raid. Seven of them were shot down, four fell in the vicinity of Pilsen, near Křimice and Vejprnice, and further near Čeminy and Litice.

The Křimice memorial, which was moved in 2014 to the vicinity of two other monuments in the village, is dedicated to the pilots of the two Boeing B-17 “flying fortresses”. After being hit by a German anti-aircraft cannon, the first bomber crashed into the meadows between Skvrňany and Křimice in the direction of Radčice, the second fell near Vejprnice. From the crew of Lt. Evans, in addition to himself, are listed  Sgt. Dobson, Sgt. Fanning, Lt. Slane, Sgt. Stewart, of the crew of Lt. Mauger, who survived, are listed Sgt. Kelley, Lt. Moss and Sgt. Walling, also Sgt. Meikle, rear gunner of Flying Fortress No. 43-38178 of the 525th Squadron.

Pilot Lewis B. Fischer, pilot Rudy Kochevar, navigator William Hesley, gunner Warren Ives, gunner Sam Schwartz and gunner Chris Chrest were killed in the crash near Čeminy.
The Čeminy memorial was unveiled in 1992, it is decorated with the propeller blade of the fatal bomber, which was found while plowing near the crash site.

Five pilots died in the wreckage of the B-17G near Litice, First Lieutenant A.H. Ferguson, Lieutenants J.R. Halbert, H. Feldman, Sergeants J. Heustess and B.O. Young.