The Nurses of the Czechoslovak Red Cross in Great Britain 1939-1945 is the name of the exhibition prepared and lent to Pilsen by the Czechoslovak Legionary Community on the occasion of the celebration of the liberation by the American army.

Forgotten chapters are still appearing in the history of Czechoslovakia. One of them are the women who helped and worked as nurses for the Czechoslovak Red Cross (ČsČK) in exile in Great Britain during World War II. Czechoslovak women working in exile in the West were deliberately neglected for 40 long years, no less was the activity of the CsČK during World War II. Those who had served in the British Army had already achieved some satisfaction. Their fates are more or less recorded. The exhibition is a reminder, of Czechoslovak women, the nurses of the CsČK, about whom we still do not know much. In addition to the archive material, only a few brief memories of the nurses have been preserved or have not yet been discovered by researchers.

The Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic participated in the realization of the exhibition, the author of the text is Petra Suková.

The exhibition will be on vdisplay until May 9, 2024.