Czechoslovak legionnaires association – Pilsen commemorated the 80th anniversary of the executions of the Pilsen patriots, the families of the Pilsen resistance fighters Bejbl, Hrdlička, Králov and Kučera.

On October 24, 1942, a mass execution of relatives and associates of paratrooper agents took place at the Mauthausen concentration camp. Among them were also families of Pilsen resistance fighters who supported members of the paragroups ANTHROPOID, OUT DISTANCE, SILVER A and STEEL.

There are four places of in Pilsen bearing a commemorative plaque commemorating residents who made a significant mark in the modern history of our republic. The first one, is connected to the family of Václav Král (police inspector) and is enhanced with busts of Jan Kubiš and Jozef Gabčík, is located in Pod Záhorskem Street. The second place is on Klatovská třída, connected to the families of František Král (inspector of Czechoslovak railways) and Jiří Hrdlička. The memorial site in Resslova street is connected with the family of Vojtěch Kučera (a member of the local unit of the Sokol, already in 1939 Kučera helped the emerging National Defense). The last place is located in Čechova street, where the family of legionnaire and policeman Jan Bejbl lived.

Patriots executed at Mauthausen:
Bejblova Antonie, born 17. 1. 1893 Babín, executed 8:44
Bejbl Jan, born 26. 9. 1893 Vídeň, executed 16:54
Král Václav born 2. 5. 1891 Plzeň, executed 16:48
Králová Helena born 21. 6. 1925 Plzeň, executed 8:56
Králová Pavla born 3.3. 1896 Plzeň, executed 10:04
Kučera Vojtěch born 23.12. 1891 Plzeň, executed 16:52
Kučerová Marie Rozená Sedláčková 23. 11. 1900 Plzeň, executed 8:54
Kučerová Věra born 15.6. 1923 Plzeň, executed 8:52
Hrdličková Aloisie, 18. 2. 1891 Milevsko, executed 10:14
Hrdlička Jiří, 24. 12. 1922 Vodňany, executed v 16 hodin
Králová Karolína, 2. 4. 1900 Praha – Žižkov, executed 10:06
Král František, 2. 3. 1884 Bořkov u Semil, executed 15:52
Lest we forget!